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10 years since our opening, our studio has been and continues to be a place where we explore the world of architecture and its relationship with other fields such as art, photography and engineering.

In recent years, we have become more diverse through cooperation with another company: Afterhourstudio Investments

Although, each entity is independent, both share the same vision.

Diversifying has enabled us to gain experience in building construction, the property industry and creative sponsorship, which can now be applied to the creation of a more distinctive, efficient and sustainable architecture and design.

Wild Green Roof : Counterbalance the effects of human activity

Wild Green Roof : Counterbalance the effects of human activity

Value: TBC

Client: Private Developer

Main Designer: Afterhourstudio Architects

Status: Under Construction

This space emerged from our continuous pursuit to create spaces that could counterbalance the effects of human activity in our environment. This new habitat aims to attract nature while serving as a space to contemplate, rest and relax.

The green roof weights over 1500 kilograms which increases up to 2000 kilograms when wet and sits on a well designed steel structural frame above a 3 new storey house. The wild green roof consists of wild grass, various native perennials, lavender, poppies, sedum and an ancient olive tree.

We believe that open spaces should help to provide a peaceful and almost “village” like feel.

Sir. Ebenezer Howard founder of the garden city movement was adamant that people should be restored to the land, quoting:

“...that beautiful land of ours, with its canopy of sky, the air that blows upon it, the sun that warms it, the rain and dew that moisten it...”

The Architecture of Others by Tatiana Bilbao

The Architecture of Others by Tatiana Bilbao

Living under a tree

Living under a tree