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10 years since our opening, our studio has been and continues to be a place where we explore the world of architecture and its relationship with other fields such as art, photography and engineering.

In recent years, we have become more diverse through cooperation with another company: Afterhourstudio Investments

Although, each entity is independent, both share the same vision.

Diversifying has enabled us to gain experience in building construction, the property industry and creative sponsorship, which can now be applied to the creation of a more distinctive, efficient and sustainable architecture and design.

28-32 Penywern Road : Mowbray Court Hotel

Value: £ 1,000,000 plus

Client: Alsraiya Group

Main Designer: Afterhourstudio Architects

Status: Planning

We have been appointed to design new hotel rooms anf ofice space within the gardens of the Mowbray Court Hotel in Kensington and Chelsea.

Our proposal aims to provide accommodation at a new basement level which will be naturally illuminated via the use of open lightwells and skylights. In addittion to this, it is intended to provide open amenity space, which consists of seating area and landscaped terraces.

We believe that gardens are unique spaces that shall be kept or otherwise improved and in this case architecture should sub-ordinate to the environment, this would enable to provide accommodation as well as intimate open spaces.

A15Landscape StrategyLayoulowres.jpg
Cor-Ten Steel : Compilation of on-going works

Cor-Ten Steel : Compilation of on-going works

The House : Glazing

The House : Glazing