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10 years since our opening, our studio has been and continues to be a place where we explore the world of architecture and its relationship with other fields such as art, photography and engineering.

In recent years, we have become more diverse through cooperation with another company: Afterhourstudio Investments

Although, each entity is independent, both share the same vision.

Diversifying has enabled us to gain experience in building construction, the property industry and creative sponsorship, which can now be applied to the creation of a more distinctive, efficient and sustainable architecture and design.

The Sustainable House

Value: TBC

Client: Private Developer

Main Designer: Afterhourstudio Architects

Status: Post - Planning

This is a very exciting building, providing an example of how small redundant sites can be used to provide high quality sustainable design for residential use in an area that has a varied style and scales of buildings.

This proposal, as a result, does not mimic its surroundings, but it does ‘remain subservient’ to them, sitting lower than the other buildings. The plot was originally part of the garden to no. 49 Gooseley Lane. When looking at the location plan, the plot dimensions clearly do not compare to the neighbouring terraces. Consequently, the proposed building sits lower than the terrace and does not borrow alignments from it, rather it is simple in form and decoration, hinting to its industrial past and providing a contemporary contrast to the terrace. This proposal is ‘compatible’ with the surroundings as a small-scale development with its brick frontage while not ‘overwhelming’ them.

Our proposal consists of creating a new maisonette unit that spreads along ground and first floor. It sets back on the ground floor level along the northern side and in the first floor level along all four sides. Furthermore, the ground floor is below pavement level in order to reduce the height of the overall building and its overall appearance.

We believe it is important that all developments should be expected to be of the highest quality of urban design. Furthermore, it is vital to address the need to avoid problems related to ‘bag neighbours’ uses, vacant premises and inactive frontage.

Tarragona-Spain: Hotel Cabins

Tarragona-Spain: Hotel Cabins

36 Great St. Helen's : The Hotel

36 Great St. Helen's : The Hotel